My Cocktail Book

My Cocktail Book is an app that was created with bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts in mind.

The app is designed to help you organise and remember the various cocktails you create and discover by providing a secure way for you to store and backup your recipes.

We made it easy to share your drinks with friends by including email sharing and posting to social media - you can even download a shared cocktail recipe directly to the app by tapping the link - no manual data entry needed.

Take a photo; add information including glassware, ice, ingredients, method and garnish; and organise those drinks by category.


  • Over 350 drinks included
  • Edit drinks to your preferred style
  • Add your own drinks
  • Delete the ones you don't want
  • Print drink details
  • Share your drinks with friends
  • Sort and filter drinks into different categories
  • Backup your drink collection
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